At the end of the current foreign Minister of Australia, baden: With a skillful jump into the open sea, Julie Bishop left the super Maxi Wild Oats X a good hour after the Start of this year’s Sydney to Hobart yacht race. As planned, she was rescued by a boat. Bishop was recruited as an Ambassador for a Yacht of female sailing professionals and staffed with a Crew. Not you will win, but from the Start they hit the front with the big favorites of the 74. Race, the leads on the Second day of Christmas, traditionally from the port of Sydney to Tasmania. This year, 85 yachts compete against each other, including the German Freddy Böhnert, deep sea fishing-experienced lawyer in time-out.

Christoph Hein

Economics correspondent for South Asia/Pacific, based in Singapore.

F. A. Z.

It was a picture book that start under a Sunny sky, because Australia is plagued by a heat wave. In guide, the favorite Comanche, but the Australian super Maxi Black Jack for Peter Harburg went in light Winds between 3 and 10 knots, followed by series champion Wild Oats XI (Oatley family). By a huge flotilla of spectator boats, the Black Jack has reached the decisive Turning point in front of the “Heads”, the entrance to the Bay of Sydney, with a slight advantage. The following super Maxis, boats with a length of up to 100 feet, and closed the half the Wind quickly. At three o’clock in the afternoon, Australian time, the favorite of the Comanche, led the field; all of the super Maxis sailed at this time faster than last year’s record.

the Rest of The fleet but sunken in a lull in Sydney Harbour and was only a Meter to a Meter on the open sea. Among the expected conditions for the overall race, it seems unrealistic that the record of the Comanche from the past year will be of one day, nine hours, 15 minutes and 24 seconds for the 628-nautical-mile-long route. As a favorite for the Handicap ranking of the fastest Yacht to a clearing invoice, the Australian Matt in All of his Ichi Ban, who triumphed last year, and since then all along the East coast of Australia has won, what was to win.

Spectacular but the struggle of the super Maxis for the title is to cross first the finish line in Hobart. On the night of 30 knots are expected to Wind on raumschots course, with the goal of abating on the Morning of the next day – what is likely to be the biggest hurdle.

First ever all-female crew

The first ever all-female crew in the tradition of the regatta has a good chance. 13 very experienced sailors fighting under the command of Stacey Jackson, who has already taken part in the Volvo Ocean Round the World Race, on the 66-foot Maxi Wild Oats X. said “We want to show that women can compete at the highest Level when sailing”, Jackson before the Start. She herself has twelve Sydney-Hobart races sailed, all the sailors of the boat race, and 17 of the world come on 68 Sydney-Hobart-rounds.

With Katie Spithill Jackson has an Athlete from one of the sailing dynasties of Australia on Board, and with the Dutchwoman Carolijn Brouwer, the winner of the title of world sailor of the year. They got their racing machine, the Wild Oats X, the family that dominated the Sydney to Hobart race for many years: Since the Oatleys with the Wild Oats XI fight it yourself with a professional team to the victory, they now have two boats at the Start. The Wild Oats XI struggles against the Supemaxis Comanche, Black Jack, Info, Track and Scallywag for the overall victory.