Switzerland blocks millions from the Vatican


the Suspected fraud Switzerland blocks millions from the Vatican Switzerland has done the Church-state legal assistance and funds in the tens of millions in Swiss Bank accounts will be blocked.1 Kommentar1Bestechung, fraud, embezzlement and money laundering: Pope Francis has ordered the investigations themselves.Photo: Keystone

In the case of an alleged million fraud at the Vatican, Switzerland is the state of the Church legal aid, and locks the money in Swiss Bank accounts. “At the Federal office for justice a law is received in this matter the help,” says spokesman Raphael Free of the “NZZ on Sunday”. “With a diplomatic Note of 30. April 2020 has submitted to the Federal office of the Vatican, a first portion of the requested documents.” Have more accurate data for the Request, the speaker is not. It has been established, however, that in the framework of the legal aid process, money in Swiss banks blocked had been.

All-in-all, it’s supposed to be assets in the tens of millions. The Prosecutor’s office of the Vatican, accused in last October opened a criminal case several employees of the Church state, of bribery, fraud, embezzlement and money laundering. In the case of a property in the London district, had been purchased by the state Secretariat of the Vatican in 2012. On the Deal, and a bribe to be paid for money; in addition, it was noised that part of the money for the property comes from the Obolo di San Pietro, from the Peter’s pence. So donations of the faithful to the Holy see to be called.

In the centre of the action: The luxury property 60 Sloane Avenue in London. Photo: PD


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