Fourth network breakdown this year, Swisscom explains yesterday’s failure, According to a Switzerland-wide disruption in the mobile and fixed network of Swisscom, the cause has been found now apparently.0 comment dead line: customers from all over Switzerland had reported on Tuesday disturbances in the Swisscom network. Source: all of the disorders (26. May 2020, 12: 30 PM)

After three hours of break, the fourth disruption of the Swisscom network in this year, on Tuesday afternoon at 14.55 PM fixed again. It was unclear until now, however, what had caused the disturbance.

In connection with the renewal of radio work on a mobile System, it was on the night of 26. To come may seem to complications. In the case of the Migration of customers to new systems in unexpected Software have led to “behavior of network devices” to an Overload in mobile telephony, Swisscom-media spokesperson Sabrina Hubacher.

The complexity of this disorder was very high, explains Hubacher after all, the three-hour interference of the mobile and fixed network. “We worked with the involvement of international suppliers with the highest priority in the analysis, localization and rectification of the error.” We regret the trouble extraordinary.

Swisscom-tip in front of the national Council Commission enter

yesterday’s mishap marked the fourth for Swisscom this year. Now the consequences, apparently. The Federal office for communications (Ofcom) is to investigate the problems of Swisscom. The competent national Council and Commission cited the peak of the Telecom provider to a hearing. “We expect that Swisscom is also there to answer questions and also provides transparency about the causes of this series of glitches,” said the national Council Jon Pult (SP/GR), European Commission Vice-President in the programme “this Morning” Radio SRF.

to come back in January of this year it was fractures. In mid-February, two interruptions of a few days within followed. The emergency numbers were no longer in the first two cases. Also on Tuesday, according to the information of the App “Alert Swiss” Federal office for population protection, at least in some cantons, the emergency numbers 112, 117, 118, 144 not via the cell phone. Swisscom said in a notification that the emergency number of the fault had not been affected.


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