Sweetheart stories: The subtle revenge of a former dream couple


    Helene Fischer and Florian silver iron rails as a Pair has always been too perfect for this world, and after their separation has not changed. Normal people would dig bitter in the Sofa, tons of alcohol to drink and all the Instagram pictures of the Ex entliken, and what Helene and Florian? “As corny as it may sound – we have been sitting here for hours reading your messages, and be able to say thanks to you for the many insightful words,” share with your Fans via image. Like other together a nice Christmas movie to watch, keep track of it so stirred the Live reactions to the end of their love. Perhaps the two keep even hands?

    Jörg Thomann

    editor in the Department “life,” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

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    some of the not so nice response is, of course, come first. Because that’s the subtle revenge of the two, who were bullied by the tabloids as anyone else in this country: they have announced their separation at a time, of all the cheap sheets cold caught; whose editors are now expected to be sustainable messed up the days of Christmas. So it is available now on newsstands, the Echo of the woman with the headline, “Helene & Florian – mystery of your secret of happiness!” or The Golden leaf with the now cynical grace of YES”! Wonderful News“. The wonderful news is the fact that Fischer said in an Interview that she wanted to “take a bit of time to simply be in me soul searching, where I want to go and what are the next steps”. Would you be able to know what?

    The disposal of the Strahlepaars is also a serious blow to the folders, because the space bar is to be place on the title sheets to fill in – after you had already lost the Guttenbergs abroad and Stefan Mross and Stefanie Hertel, Bettina and Christian Wulff, and later again to Bettina and Christian Wulff had seperated. Certainly not out of the question for the follow-up and Cora Schumacher, Ex-wife of the Ex-racing driver, Ralf, and her new boyfriend Lenox, which is likely to scare the elderly readership alone is visually been wasted, since he is not tattooed, only full body, but also the whole of the head. That in the midst of the images presented on Lenox’ body is also a small swastika, declared Cora, according to the image as follows: “The Swastika is regarded in many cultures as a good luck symbol, and so it is interpreted in turn.” He would have let the interpretation of better times, right next to the cross tattoo.

    “you are floating in seventh heaven”

    After all, Cora’s could not let a good friend as a style model for Florian silver iron, the way had light-headed a large-Helene-Fischer-portrait on the upper arm tattoo: easily the Rest of the body also completely zupflastern, then the Helene noticed. He can also, of course, a new girlfriend, which is similar to the old, or at least their Tattoo portrait halfway. Fischer’s colleague, Michelle, would be out of question, which is, of course, cigarette Smoking is one of the leisure time of the week again with her former partner: “Matthias Reim & Michelle – Yes, we love us! All about her romantic new beginning.“ Clear that there is nothing to it. However, the two on the filming of the Story are not completely innocent when you read the sentences that you have said to yourself: “I can feel it. I know where you goose bumps. I know where you can go to the top.“ What the rhyme is talking about here? Of the new Song they have recorded.