it’s kind of sad that Christmas is over, it is only now that we have discovered the ideal gift. “The good old days!”, The “Bulldog-cuckoo clock is a display page that presents the “Echo of the woman” something very Special: in honor of the most famous German tractor”. To read the hour, every hour, we, appears at the door a “detailed Bulldog’tractor model” and continues his rounds: “At the same time, sound loud tractor noise.” Every hour on the hour the tractor hum, wonderful! Perhaps there is also somewhere a leaf blower-cuckoo-clock – or, because new year’s eve is, unfortunately, over, clock, by the hour, with the distinctive sound of firecrackers enchants? Even now, in any case, we want to encourage the production of cuckoo clocks, the call us once the sound of German diesel engines in memory.

Jörg Thomann

editor in the Department “life,” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

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As the buyer for the tractor watch TV starlets Sarah Lombardi would be out of the question, because that is how they entrusted to the German press Agency (dpa), “actually, in my everyday life more so the peasant”. This may sound a little disrespectful towards our patents country population, but is not meant certainly so, but merely serves to clarify Lombardi’s, that she is “not such a posh-girl”: “You only have my finger nails look, you can see what I mean – it’s quite easy,” says Lombardi know. Such a self-critical openness is rare in the media business, and who knows what will be revealed Lombardi of the dpa. Maybe the conversation went more Yes: “Here, look, my hair is very stringy. And there, on my dress, there’s a big grease spot.“

How actually sounds the voice of a Stewardess?

As a younger woman, what was strung Appearance, more delicate Mary Roos. “In the past, people have said I was apart”, “The new leaf” knowledge. “This has hurt me a lot. I wanted to be pretty.“ For us, however, apart actually sounds much more, well, unusual, however, we have checked times in the Duden Definition: Apart means, among other things, “of peculiar charm”. As we understand it, that Roos didn’t want to be called that, we would then be thinking more like a tractor cuckoo clock.

a Lot more than just apart, however, is Carole Middleton, mother of Kate and Pippa, but she is described in the “Colorful” as follows: “your legs are sensational,” her hair was “shorter and shinier than usual on images” all woman “is so much fresher, finer and softer” as you know from the photos. When we are googling these terms – fresh, soft and delicate, then we land on many other wine sites that advertise their wines, and who knows: Maybe the “Colorful”-the author had when she wrote this, Yes a few glasses of intus.

Although: “Colorful”-author, the is such a thing. “We were given a private audience in the local Bucklebury!”, although the article, to get the audience to the British “Telegraph purchased”, the Text of which is “Colorful” and has translated. Anyway, in the article we read: “And of course you want to know how your voice sounds. As a flight attendant (in her twenties, she worked for British Airways), or stilted?“ As we ask ourselves immediately: How are the voice of a Stewardess actually sounds? Gently calling (“Please close the safety belt”)? Carole Middletons voice sounds so: “a More modern and posh, but unpretentious.” Our own voice is likely to sound like a journalist, so rather old-fashioned and slightly twee.

“Take everything, give a lot”

For erlesenere tones Matthias Schulz, artistic Director of the Berlin state Opera “unter den Linden”, the “Colorful” tells: “When I was eleven years old, I was allowed to for the first Time in the Haydn piano Concerto with an orchestra playing. If you have experienced this, you don’t need any more drugs.“ More? He has before, with ten, what is needed? As a responsible father in any case, we now that our daughters play as quickly as possible, the Haydn-piano Concerto; unfortunately, we have not yet found an orchestra that likes to accompany you.

the right distinctive photo prints, meanwhile, “Echo of the woman” by Duchess Camilla, in addition to animals to scan: “For the visit of donkey Ollie (li.) and Mini-Shetland pony, Harry (re.) beautifully decked out.“ This is quite nice, it is pointed out, where the little Pony and where the big donkey is just: why? Because the reader might confuse the animals? Or one of them is with Camilla?