Sweden’s open wound – He wants the murder of Olof Palme clear Prosecutor Krister Petersson to the results of his investigation into the murder of Olof Palme today. The mystery of the Land of torments for 34 years. It is now coming to the final turn?Kai Strittmatter from Kopenhagen0 comment colleagues describe him as a reserved, well-read, accurate and effective: a Prosecutor Krister Petersson,photo: Stina Stjernkvist (Keystone)

Today Wednesday at 9.30 am will hang in Sweden to his lips: at this time of Krister Petersson, chief Prosecutor of the country will occur, before the press of the country. Petersson has not promised his countrymen less than the resolution of the largest unsolved mystery in the crime history of the country. A mystery that is plaguing Sweden for 34 years and is the outgrowth of in the course of this year to a national Trauma: Who killed Olof Palme? Who is the murderer of the Swedish Prime Minister, on 28. February 1986 was in the middle stretched in Stockholm after a visit to the cinema on the open road with a bullet in the back?

indictment, or the end of the investigation?

The sensational words of the state attorney, the margins of the Swedes, ever since the torture, fell in February this year in a popular crime broadcast on Swedish state television SVT. He was confident, said the 59-year-old Krister Petersson at the time of shipment to the backgrounds of the murder, to clarify “who is responsible”. His aim was not to collect until the summer of this year, either the indictment or the investigation finally complete. More Details have since been elicit neither Petersson to his Partner, the senior investigator, Hans Melander, to.

In the case of the murder of Olof Palme Countless in all the years that have bites out of the teeth. Police chiefs and prosecutors came and went, and the Minister resigned. The PKK, the KGB, Iran, and radical Right-wing within the police Department were just a few of the tracks that were discussed in the course of the years and followed. An alleged individual perpetrator has been sentenced, imprisoned and released. Another possible single-perpetrator, because his employer “Skandia-man”, was never really examined. In 2000, the deceased Skandia-man, and the apartheid regime in South Africa were in the last weeks of the favorites of the Swedish Amateur detectives and journalists, when they indulged themselves in speculation about who Krister Petersson now, as a perpetrator could be present.

in Afghanistan on-the-go

The tabloid “Aftonbladet” calls him “one of the Best in the industry”, too much attention, however, has not attracted Krister Petersson in his career so far. Colleagues describe him as a reserved, well-read, accurate and effective. As the “Svenska Dagbladet” Peterssons asked former teachers and professors, according to him, there could recall only one ever to him. A first name, he was in the processes against the “laser man” known right-wing killer John Ausonius in 1994 and the murderer of foreign Minister Anna Lindh in 2004. Later, he worked at the head of the international Department of the prosecution in cases, such as drug and people smuggling. He was investigating an international prostitution networks, but traveled also to Afghanistan, to examine the murders of Swedish soldiers and a journalist.

After a visit to the cinema in the back Olof Palme’s funeral, shot in Stockholm in 1986.Photo: Ingrid Rossi ()

Former colleagues of the Swedish press said they had been surprised by Peterssons notice to the Olof-Palme-murder. From his lips it was but seriously. Skeptics, there are still not enough. Too often, the Swedes were disappointed from the full-bodied announcement of supposedly spectacular novelties in the case, which proved, in retrospect, as a non-starter. Supposedly Petersson and his people should have the murder weapon discovered that the “Aftonbladet wrote at least” the beginning of the week. But even if that’s true, for a definitive proof of guilt, it probably needed more. It would be “a balm for the collective soul” of Sweden, Petersson could present a compelling history, wrote the “Aftonbladet” on the day before the press conference. “The last thing we need is a Prosecutor’s office, which is again ridiculous.”

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