Recycled materials – Sustainable is the new Chic drift wood, eucalyptus and shredded PET bottles is that The car manufacturers put more and more on sustainable materials. Dave Schneider0 KommentareDie BMW-study i3 Urban Suite sets of oiled oak wood from certified wood grown on plastic with a high Chemical content. Using sustainable materials in the visible area of the interior of the car manufacturers follow a Trend and polishing at the same time their Image. Photo: BMW

Earlier brag a manufacturer of Premium and luxury cars like this, how many cows their life for the classy leather interior had to. Today, they boast of having a vegan imitation Leather, drift wood trim or plastics from algae. The time span between them is only a few years, but during this time has changed the attitude of the customers and therefore also of the manufacturers of sustainable materials, striking. As for the reduction of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of every Detail. Professor Werner Olle from Chemnitz Automotive Institute expects that there will be future requirements, such as the proportion of sustainable raw materials must be in new cars. Today, the share spent on average almost 10 percent.

ahead Of time

Big manufacturers such as Toyota, VW or BMW use for some time sustainable materials in their cars. Non-visible parts, such as insulating materials or seat cushions to be manufactured for decades from materials such as flax, hemp, Kenaf, paper, cellulose or cotton. The car manufacturers need to use Renewable raw materials: in accordance with the European end of life vehicles Directive 2000/53/EC 85 percent of a car’s material must be recyclable. However, in the visible area of the car, where the materials and beta most can see, was long on leather, tropical hardwoods, metals, and foamed plastics. Today, more and more materials are recycled materials are used. “Around seven million tonnes of raw materials are incorporated each year in the production of our PW vehicles and commercial vehicles,” says Mercedes-Benz. “It is even more important, the demand for raw materials, which are only available to a limited extent or the environment and to society to strain to optimize in the early stages of development.”

A Trendsetter was the Californian manufacturer Fisker with the 2011 manufactured model, the Karma. True to the Motto: Nomen est Omen, the Danish company’s founder Henrik Fisker was donated by a former Designer at BMW and Aston Martin, the Karma is not only a fuel-saving Plug-in hybrid drive system, including the solar cells to the roof, but also a water-based paint, deposits from residual wood from storm-felled trees or recycled suede in the interior. “We believe that many car buyers want a stylish sports car with a positive, environmentally responsible Image,” said Henrik Fisker at the time. The Dane was ahead of its time: in 2012, only a year after the start of production, had to delete the Californian company, for economic reasons, the sailing.

cabinets made from cork waste, and seat covers made of recycled yarn, Türverschalungen from the shredded PET: Just electric cars like the Mazda MX-30 focus on sustainable materials.Photo: Mazda

As a Volvo five years ago, proud of driftwood inlaid announced in one of its SUV models, had fun with this for many – today, the world warps in the case of this topic, no face more. Especially in the case of electric cars, the use of which is particularly environmentally-friendly substances is obviously a Must. In the Mazda MX-30, for example, many reclaimed materials are used: “The fabric on the inside is 100 percent recycled shredded PET bottles, these seat covers contain 20 per cent recycled yarn, the storage surfaces and the interior door handles are the waste from Cork, resulting in the production of wine corks,” says interior Designer Bahram Partaw. A vegan faux-leather, which is produced without the use of chemicals, is used.

tomato skin instead of rubber

The BMW i3 up to 80 percent of all surfaces are depending on the equipment in the field of vision of the driver from renewable or sustainably produced raw materials such as European eucalyptus or wool. Volvo’s subsidiary, Polestar also uses materials from recycled PET bottles, cork, fish-nets, a waste, or recycled. “To be truly sustainable, we need to evaluate each item in the cars,” said Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath. In the case of sustainability, it is about far more than just the electric drive. “With the development of these sustainable materials, we set out a clear Statement and clarify our intentions.” Suppliers such as Continental are developing other sustainable materials: lobster shells (due to their good anti-microbial properties), tomato skin for hoses and suspension bushings, or coffee chaff, which is used in headlights.

The research is, as always, significantly more than the series production. The Technical University of Eindhoven has developed a car, even the Chassis is made of flat fibers, and sugar-based bioplastic. These materials need only a sixth of the energy in production compared to the usual lightweight materials, aluminum, or carbon fiber and are fully recyclable. “The auto industry is already very good at Recycling,” says project spokesman Ces Verstappen. “However, we are of the opinion that the entire life cycle of a car from the production should be optimized through use to Recycling.” However, for the Crash structure of a car, you will still long on high-strength steels, aluminum, or carbon. In all other areas, the success of sustainable materials is unstoppable.

vegan faux leather made from Apple scraps: VW used in the study, “ID. Space Vizzion” for the first time, the Material of Apple skin. Photo: Volkswagen recycled fish nets: “to be truly sustainable, we need to evaluate each item in the cars,” said Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath.Pole starder Fisker Karma was a Trendsetter: The sports car of 2011, non-Plug only-in hybrid with a solar roof, but also a water-based paint, deposits from residual wood from storm-felled trees or recycled suede in the interior.Fisker is also in the new Range Rover Evoque are a blend of eucalyptus, or wool. Land Rover wood from certified cultivation not only looks chic, but is environmentally much friendlier than exclusive tropical woods.BMWDer new Fiat 500e has seat covers that are partially made from recycled plastic from the sea. Fiat1 / 60 comment please Login to comment