A cheese recently sold in several Intermarché in the territory is the subject of a new recall procedure.

The cause ? Analyzes revealed the presence of Listeria monocytogenes, an agent responsible for listeriosis. The product can be dangerous for your health: do not consume it, and check its references in your fridge. Here is the information on the batch that is currently recalled in store:

“Fleur d’Ange” cheese, 200 grams

The supermarkets that sold it are located in the following 4 departments:

Listeria monocytogene is a bacterium of animal origin, responsible, in humans, for listeriosis, a rare but serious infection.

In France, specifies Medisite, the foods most frequently contaminated with Listeria are:

This infection is manifested by several symptoms, such as headaches, fever, nausea, vomiting or even meningoencephalitis. Pregnant women are particularly at risk. Listeriosis can indeed lead to in-utero death, adds Medisite.

So be vigilant, especially if you have already consumed the cheese in question, and do not hesitate to consult a doctor as soon as symptoms appear. The incubation period of listeriosis can run up to several weeks after ingestion of a contaminated product.

If, however, you have not yet tasted the cheese, go to your Intermarché as soon as possible to bring it back. You can benefit from a refund until August 2.