Suspect arrested – a man in a knife attack in Zurich, hard-to-verletztEin 28-Year-old was threatened in the early Monday morning in the circuit 3 by an unknown cyclist with a sharp weapon and seriously injured. The victim had emergency surgery.0 comment views of the scene of the crime when Idaplatz in Zurich.Photo: readers of “20 minutes”

A man is attacked in the city of Zurich early on Monday, according to police, a cyclist and a stabbing weapon seriously injured. The 28-year-old pedestrian was taken to a hospital and emergency surgery. The police arrested after the fact, a man.

The subsequent stab victim was in the company of another man and a woman walking in the vicinity of the Idaplatzes in the city of circle 3 on the road. The group met two unknown cyclists, as the city police announced in Zurich. One of the two threatened in consequence of the 28-Year-old, demanded money, and wounded him in the torso. After that, the two cyclists fled.

The accompanying persons, to alert the rescue forces and the police. The injured was taken by ambulance to a hospital. The police launched a manhunt for the Cyclists. Later, they arrested a man. More details on the arrest, the authority is not made. The investigations are in progress.

(SDA /aru)

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