It is a useful boost, if not absolutely essential. The survivor’s pension, whose operation Planet has already had the opportunity to explain on many occasions, allows many retirees to receive up to 54% of the rights to which a deceased spouse could claim. On condition, of course, of being able to justify a certain number of conditions – of resources, in particular. And don’t forget to ask for it! Unlike other social benefits, survivorship is not automatic. Unfortunately, it could sometimes be complex to demand it… since the deceased spouse potentially contributed to different plans. Is this still the case today? Summary.

To claim a survivor’s pension from the basic scheme, says Retirement Insurance on its site, you must connect to your personal space and click on the “Request a survivor’s pension” section. This is when it is necessary to formally complete the reversion request form, then it is up to the administration to process the file.

In detail, the single survivorship application form must be filed directly “with the last affiliation scheme of the deceased spouse” even if there were several: it is the organization that then takes care of to transmit the information to all the other schemes concerned. This document has a significant advantage: it is used for all the requests mentioned above.

Most supplementary pension schemes cap reversion at 60% of the rights of the deceased spouse.