Reality Stars Michele Fitzgerald and Devin Walker Confirm Relationship in Instagram Q+A

Reality TV fans were in for a surprise as Survivor winner Michele Fitzgerald and The Challenge alum Devin Walker confirmed their relationship during an Instagram Q+A session. The news of their romance quickly spread after Michele shared a photo of the couple kissing, officially introducing Devin as her boyfriend.

Devin’s fellow Challenge alum Olivia Kaiser also showed her support for the new couple, sharing her thoughts with a heart emoji on social media. Fans of both reality shows were excited to see the two stars find love outside of the competition.

While Michele admitted that competing on reality TV shows was not her ideal way of spending time, she emphasized the strong bonds she formed with her fellow contestants. Despite the challenges they faced on screen, Michele highlighted the importance of cultivating relationships with her co-stars off camera.

As fans continue to show their support for Michele and Devin’s relationship, it’s clear that the reality TV stars have found something special beyond the world of competition. Stay tuned for more updates on this new reality TV power couple.