‘Survivor’ Winner Michele Fitzgerald Confirms Relationship with The Challenge’s Devin Walker

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‘Survivor’ champ Michele Fitzgerald, 34, made headlines on Thursday when she confirmed her relationship with The Challenge’s Devin Walker, 35, during an Instagram Story Q&A session. The couple shared a kissing photo, solidifying their status as a new item in the reality TV world.

This unexpected romance between Fitzgerald and Walker, who have both appeared on various reality competition shows, has fans buzzing with excitement. The pair has not revealed much about how they initially connected or the status of their relationship beyond the Instagram post.

Fitzgerald, known for winning Survivor season 32, and Walker, a familiar face on The Challenge, have crossed paths before on the competition circuit. Could their shared experiences on reality TV have played a role in sparking their romance?

In the world of reality TV, showmances are not uncommon, and Walker has been no stranger to flirtations with fellow contestants in the past. However, his connection with Fitzgerald seems to be different, with the two sharing a genuine bond that goes beyond the cameras.

As fans speculate about the future of this new relationship, one thing is clear – love can blossom in unexpected places, even in the midst of intense competition. Stay tuned for more updates on Michele Fitzgerald and Devin Walker’s budding romance as they navigate the world of reality TV relationships.