The justice frontier works in many Parts of Germany to the load. A survey of the German press-Agency in the States. Although many countries increase after the judiciary staff already strong, there is a lack in many places, more and more staff. Judges and prosecutors, groan has long been under a flood of legal action such as asylum procedures. In some States the prisons are overcrowded. Suspect must be reduced because of the Overload of the judiciary again and again on free foot.

“The work load, in particular in the criminal justice system is extremely high,” said Sven Rebehn, managing Director of the German Judges Association. “The prosecutors have become the bottleneck in the case of the prosecution.”

According to the calculations of the Association of Germany is in need for 2000 additional judges and prosecutors. Criminal proceedings are often more complex than even 10 or 20 years ago. Often criminal proceedings abroad, remuneration would have, and were directed against internationally organised groups of perpetrators. The evaluated volumes of data have multiplied. Procedures would be adjusted, or lasted longer and longer. “These are clear indications of an overloaded justice system,” said Rebehn.