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In his confession, claimed the accused is Compared to that Of The Stage (27) in the previous week, the Pokémonmoord on Shashia series of poker main event (20) as an off-hand lovemaking was. However, the officers showed up Monday morning at the courtroom of the images that are in the meet, Shashia, and her killer has recorded. That will tell you a different story. A distant salute, and in a hurried walk. The young woman showed not the slightest affection for the hamburgerbakker. She appeared to be do not in the slightest interested in him.

Cameras have played a very important role to play in the solving of the murder in February of 2017. A few months after the mysterious disappearance of a young woman showed up with the cameras and the central station, all of which Shashia on the day of her disappearance, may still be stored in Antwerp, had been, and there was a man and had to meet him.

“At that point, we knew that we will be more than just a loss, had to do it,” he said I would get to Camp on Monday, the first assisenhof.

the Same images from the camera to reveal more of the officers.

In his confession, said, Compared to that Of The Race last Friday, that the death of the Shashia series of poker main event was the result of a runaway lovemaking. “I’ve got her butt felt. She didn’t decline. We were kissing in the bedroom up to no good. That lovemaking is rough, has expired. I will have her period come”, so it was on Friday.

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“Not to fall in love with pair of”:

From the Camp, revealed on Monday that the images that have been created by the encounter between the shy Shashia, and the five-year-old hamburgerbakker Of The Race. These images showed not to be a friendly encounter between two lovers who can not wait to get in the bed to open it. Quite to the contrary.

“Those pictures were very important to us,” said Van Camp. “At that time, we took into account that they could run away with her loved ones. But for us, it was immediately clear that this was not the case.”

Shashia, the first of which is in the central train station, to catch up. The young woman is very recognizable due to its yellow coat, and purple pants. They ijsbeert to the ticket office and then go sit on a bench. After a few minutes of arriving On The Team with a solid pass at the train station. They have had two years previously met with, but they don’t know each other, mostly through Facebook.

There was no hug, no kiss. Van Den Broeck is on her face, and almost instantly, they turn around and they are gone. He was in the lead, they are in the same direction. “This is not a love couple. They would be in the way of in any other way have completed,” says Van Camp.

you can Also use the stadscamera the ‘Astridplein’ to show how the two continue on through Antwerp, to walk. She is with her hood over her head, with his hands in his pockets. It’s raining and it’s cold. However, the two maintain a distance of one metre. They are poor, not braided, they’re not holding hands. Shashia keeps the bag between him and The Team. What they talk about, no-one can hear you. However, they hold firmly to the only – they do take a little time to get to know each other. Six minutes after their first encounter, filmed with a different camera, and how they apartment, feel free to visit us for some of the Pokémons from the exchange.

in just 21 minutes.

in just 21 minutes later, the forwards Of The Team, via Facebook, a post to the Shashia, and that he himself, to use her cell phone to answer. With the false information can be transformed to an alibi on the. It is suggested that the young woman had already passed away. In such a short period of time, according to Van Den Broeck is the dry relationship between the two is passed in to a lovemaking session, with the consent of both parties.

the President: . “You is still taken care of? You have to know that it’s filled with cameras in them?”

in The Race: . “I had not thought of that. I’ve never thought that there were pictures of us in the lutheran church. Maybe my perspective is affected by what I had done.”

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