General Hospital: Liz and Finn’s Relationship Takes a Drastic Turn

General Hospital has been putting Liz and Finn through a tumultuous time in their relationship. Fans have been eagerly awaiting a change in their storyline, hoping for a fresh start for the characters portrayed by Rebecca Herbst and Michael Easton. Surprisingly, it seems like their wish might finally come true, and it’s all thanks to Liz’s ex, Lucky.

Liz has been by Finn’s side as he struggles with his addiction issues, drawing parallels to her past experience with Lucky. She knows the pain of being with an addict and is hesitant to go down that road again. As Finn continues to spiral, Liz may have to make a tough decision for herself and her children.

While breaking up with Finn may be difficult for Liz, fans are excited about the potential for new on-screen pairings. Viewers have been vocal about their preferences for Liz and Jason or Finn and Anna, rather than Finn and Liz. It seems like the end of their relationship is imminent, especially after recent events that have strained their connection.

As Finn’s addiction worsens and a new character enters the scene with a shocking revelation, Liz may finally decide to call it quits. Stay tuned as the drama unfolds in Port Charles for Liz and Finn.

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