The team of Cercle Brugge and Club Brugge are a lot of continued on the city of derby. For the fans of the green-and-black-before the fire-literally-at the wick with a flag for Club Brugge and set on fire, a fire at the stand level. There it interacted with the supporters in blue and black, then a firecracker on the field to throw out… until his own goalkeeper, Simon Mignolet.

my family and I had been, from the outset, with moody, in the city of derby, where the supportersclans managed were the Last to fire in cheating in the Jan breydel stadium. That a fireworks display is illegal, but it was well lit between the fans.

amazingly enough the race was not stopped, even when the flight attendants were needed to get the fire in the Club-stand out. Referee Nicolas Laforge did, however, broadcasters are not using the fireworks to be disposed of.

Photos: Isosport Picture: Photo of News Photo: BELGA Photo): THERE is More about Cercle Brugge-Club Brugge, is the Club in charge of stadsderby facility news: Anderlecht have questions, Vanheusden, for the first time this season, is in the core of the Standard, Clement warns against complacency at the Club de Bruges: “I know how important the match is for the Club’s” For the Bruges derby is the Club’s image is of a small, friendly little brother of the Club’s to lose: what does the society have for them?