When you are employed in the private sector, you have the option of contributing to the Agirc-Arrco supplementary pension. This compulsory contribution therefore allows you, as soon as you retire, to benefit from a supplementary pension, which is added to the basic pension paid by Social Security. Every November 1, the value of the retirement point is thus determined by the plan managers to set the amount of this pension. What can be his minimum total?

According to a recent report, published at the end of March, nearly 13 million retirees receive a retirement pension paid by Agirc-Arrco. A total of 26 million workers are currently contributing to this future pension. The study carried out has therefore shown that Agirc-Arrco recorded a surplus of 5.1 billion euros for the year 2022. A figure which is double the profit made in 2021 with 2.6 Billions of Euro’s.

While many retirees wish to apply for this supplementary retirement pension, the rules of the system sometimes remain unclear. It is, in fact, your number of retirement points acquired during your career, which is multiplied by the service value of the point. This is now estimated at 1.3498 euros. Note that your supplementary pension may be subject to a reduction if you request it before the age of 67. It therefore remains paid without reduction in the number of retirement points from the age of the full rate.

Be vigilant because your supplementary retirement pension may be reduced or increased depending on the date of your application. Thus, if you claim your supplementary pension at the same time as your full-rate basic pension, the amount of your supplementary pension is reduced by 10% for three years up to the age of 67. It only drops by 5% if it is subject to the reduced CSG rate.

You can avoid this reduction if your supplementary pension is exempt from CSG, if you request your supplementary pension one year after obtaining the full rate, or if you benefit from early retirement for disability or asbestos worker. It can also be increased, for one year, by 10% if you apply for your supplementary pension two years after your basic pension.

With the adoption of the pension reform, the minimum Agirc-Arrco pension should not experience a spectacular increase. In this complex context, the prospect of a minimum pension set at 1200 euros for all retirees is gradually receding, despite the promises made by the executive. Finally, this measure should only concern a handful of retirees.

According to our colleagues from Moneyvox, for a person born in 1961, having started his career at the age of 20 and a professional life spent at the Smic, his gross monthly retirement pension from Agirc-Arrco would be equivalent to 255 euros. This sum is expressed, moreover, in gross and takes into account the coefficients of solidarity. However, even without the application of this reduction, the amount remains fixed at around 285 euros, a figure very far from the expected 1200 euros.