Supplementary pension: what increase for Agirc-Arrco?


A long-awaited decision. You know the good news: on November 1, the 13 million retirees receiving the Agirc-Arrco supplementary benefit will benefit from a significant increase in their pension. How much will it be? This is the great unknown, which will be settled this Thursday, October 6.

Agirc-Arrco: how is the increase calculated?

As Le Monde explained at the end of September, a first percentage was advanced by the joint commission of Agirc-Arrco, which opts for a revaluation of 5.1% of this supplementary pension. It is now up to the board of directors to confirm this increase but, according to several actors in the file interviewed by the evening daily, it is above all a formality. This potential increase of 5.1% is slightly below the inflation forecasts made by the government in its finance bill, set at 5.3%. This is still well above the increase granted last year, which was 1%, while the price index was up 1.6%.

At the end of September, the social partners had all signed, except the CGT, an amendment to the national agreement of May 10, 2019. The latter, recalls Le Monde, sets the model for revaluation of supplementary pensions: it was capped by the increase in the average per capita wage if inflation exceeded this increase, with 0.2% room for manoeuvre. This year, the increase in the average salary per head reached 4.9%, which explains the percentage chosen by the joint committee, once the room for maneuver is taken into account.

The supplementary pension is paid on the 1st working day of each month to the beneficiaries. For the last installments of the year 2022, expect a payment on Wednesday November 2 and Thursday December 1. The calendar for the year 2023 has not yet been unveiled by the organization.