This was the promise of the head of state. During the campaign for the presidential election, when he was trying to convince the French men and women to renew the trust placed in him five years earlier, Emmanuel Macron decided to engage with retirees. The latter, battered by the growing inflation that is hitting the country today, have therefore seen the candidate bend over backwards and announce an imminent increase in the amount of their pension. On condition, of course, of being re-elected, he then specified.

It is clear that the Head of State has been re-elected to office. And that it is therefore necessary, from now on, to keep the commitments made in the past. The executive has also positioned itself in this direction, since the parliamentarians will be called upon to discuss an increase in the pensions of the basic scheme on July 18. The President of the Republic and his government have proposed a 4% increase, which would therefore apply to all insured persons, for their pension from the general scheme, with the exception of lawyers… who depend on their own insurance fund. retirement.

Such announcements, as Planet has already been able to explain in the past, do not a priori concern supplementary pension funds. And for good reason ! The State quite simply has no control over the latter: they are managed individually and independently by the organizations that founded them. Therefore, indicates Capital on its site, this means that some could be tempted to follow the example given by the President of the Republic (without however applying the same rate)… or not to worry about it for a second. Summary of what we know in the current state of things.

For the most part, supplementary pension funds should not follow the example of the State, indicates Capital on its site.

Thus, Agirc-Arrco (in charge of private sector employees and executives) has already indicated that there will be no intermediate revaluation. Anyone hoping to see the amount of their pension increase will therefore have to wait until November 1, 2022, the date on which a possible revaluation could take place… Provided that it has been decided beforehand at the beginning of October.

Similarly, the additional public service pension scheme (RAFP) and Ircantec, which only concerns contract workers, will not increase supplementary pensions on the example of the State. Finally, as Planet recently explained, the health sector should also abstain, overall.

In concrete terms, this means that there is no immediate gain to be expected for all policyholders dependent on such pension funds.

In the end, Capital notes, it is the former liberal workers who could potentially benefit the most from such a decision. They depend on various pension funds, some of which could upgrade pensions.

This is a priori the case for that of notaries, who have not yet specified the exact amount of the planned revaluation. Others are simply waiting for the real adoption of the revaluation of the basic pension to decide, specifies the monthly, which cites in particular the case of the CARPV, the supplementary pension fund for veterinarians. The same goes for Cipav, where no exact revaluation estimate has also been specified.