Inflation is not slowing down. War in Ukraine, drought… The causes of this price increase are multiple but continue to complicate, every day a little more, the life of the French. For many months, consumers have found themselves losing part of their purchasing power and have therefore had to change their consumption methods and develop strategies to reduce their expenses.

Among these strategies, the hunt for promotions and allows some households to save a lot on receipts. However, from one brand to another, the frequency of reductions can vary greatly.

This is revealed by a survey co-published by A3 Distrib (NielsenIQ) and Editions Dauvers as part of the quarterly PromoFlash study. “The objective here is to compare the promotional effort of the brands and the size of their stock (expressed in square meters of sales area). In other words: to compare the promotional investment with identical square meters.”, says journalist Olivier Dauvers on his website.

He explains that historically, “this indicator perfectly shared hypermarkets on the one hand (more promo investors) and supermarkets on the other (less investors)”. But lately, this border tends to disappear and some supermarkets invest more in promotions than hypermarkets.

In this study, “the promotional pressure of each brand is first related to the commercial surface area used. This data is then compared to the other brands in base 100”, specifies the website.

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