The inflationary wave is eating away at the purchasing power of French women and men. Some may be trying to reassure themselves after the slight decline observed in August, notes Le Figaro, and on which Bruno Le Maire recently spoke. In the space of one year, between August 2021 and August 2022, it increased by 5.8%. In July, still over one year, it exceeded 6%, recalls the Journal du Net. Not enough to rub your hands on, so … Especially since the situation is set to continue, according to the defector from the right. “There is a slight ebb in inflation to 5.8%. But today we are at high levels of inflation. It will last several more months, and I do not anticipate a decline before the first months of 2023, perhaps mid-2023”, thus indicated the Minister of Economy and Finance.

That being said, the Foodwatch association recently reported, some traders do not hesitate to take advantage of inflation. They sell some products more expensive than they should, explains The Huffington Post on its site. More information on this subject in our slideshow, which you will find at the end of this article.

“The difficult period is between now and next spring. This is where you have to accompany. That’s why we’ve taken all the protective measures now. And then, I hope that in the spring of 2023, inflation will have started to decline and that the French economy will have resisted well”, continued the tenant of Bercy. “In the coming weeks, I will make proposals to the President of the Republic and to the Prime Minister to reduce the delays in setting up factories in France”, he added.