Since February 2023, Franceinfo has launched its basket of 37 products whose price increase is observed over a period of one year. This basket, produced in partnership with France Bleu and NielsenIQ, had increased considerably in March 2023. Inflation reached 17.7% between March 2022 and March 2023. However, in April, it stagnated at 17.6% . For the month of May 2023, for the first time in a year, revenue growth has declined and is now 16.8% YoY. Nevertheless, food supplies continue to increase.

In April, the basket is 108.25 euros. For the month of May, the latter costs 103.36 euros. In addition, for the month of April 2023, certain types of products saw their prices increase more than others. This increase continues in May and is more significant in certain departments. Discover in our slideshow below the most expensive products in the basket in May.

While private label and entry-level brands are seeing their prices decelerate, this is not the case for national brands. Indeed, in May 2023, the prices of national brands increased by 13.55%. Conversely, inflation on entry-level products goes from 18.92% in April 2023 year-on-year to 17.43% in May year-on-year. Moreover, this increase in the price of national brand products was foreseeable. Indeed, the negotiations between manufacturers and large retailers predicted a new increase.

Among the branded products that increased in May, we find branded toothpaste tubes which rose by 26 cents. The jar of Nutella also saw an increase of 14 cents. Moreover, these prices have risen in all French departments. Check out our slideshow below for the eight most expensive products in May 2023.