While these discount brands are taking up more and more space in our commercial areas, some are barely arriving on the French market. At the end of December, the PrimaPix brand walked on French territory for the third time, in Meaux, in Seine-et-Marne. The so-called “soft-discounters” have been active for several years now with the aim of attracting consumers through discount prices on all kinds of products.

In these brands, the cost of products is reduced, sometimes divided by two or three. The characteristics of these “soft-discount” stores are similar to a simple presentation, even sometimes bazaared as well as the sale of products in batches that the brands buy in large quantities, as 20 minutes explains.

Hygiene, decoration, clothing or drugstore, you will necessarily find what you need in one of these stores. One of the best known remains Noz, with more than 300 stores throughout France, remains among the leaders of this fashionable market. The Dutch brand Action also has a well-stocked clientele with 700 stores spread across the territory. If you want to redo your wardrobe at bargain prices, Stokomani (more than 130 stores) will be your best supplier, with well-known brands of dressing rooms. Other stores are revealed to French customers by setting up in different regions. To stand out, these stores reduce prices by 20% compared to supermarkets.

Hypermarkets try to fight against this competition which takes place over time. These are gradually starting to sell certain products in batches, such as detergents, shower gels and even bottles of alcohol. In this period of inflation, the discounts made on certain purchases make it possible to get back into the game of the cheapest.

As promised, discover the comparison of different products from large retailers and these discount brands. Here is a selection of 5 products made in partnership with Le Parisien.