Supermarket: a chef’s tips for saving without depriving yourself


For several months now, inflation has been wreaking havoc on supermarket shelves. So much so that several households have reviewed their consumption habits. Some products, which have become too expensive, are becoming rare in shopping carts. And “non-essential” spending, especially for hygiene and cleaning products, is declining.

In this context, is it possible, however, to continue to eat well?

On Europe 1, Romain Bergaud, chef in a restaurant in the capital, gave some very practical tips for shopping without breaking the bank and still having enough to cook up good meals.

Chef Bergaud first explains that you should not hesitate to replace products that have become too expensive with less expensive alternatives, even if it means making certain preparations yourself. For example, rather than buying ready-made mayonnaise, “an egg yolk, a little mustard, whipped with oil, salt, pepper, grapeseed oil or rapeseed oil, it works very well”, explains Romain Bergaud.

This is one of the foods that seems to suffer the most inflation: meat. But you shouldn’t deprive yourself of it, continues the chef, who recommends turning instead to poultry, which is less expensive, or even the saddle of rabbit, usually less popular and therefore cheaper. If you want to treat yourself to a convivial and tasty meal for less than 2.5 euros, the chef also recommends mussels accompanied by baked potatoes.

Romain Bergaud continues, still at the microphone of Europe 1: to no longer buy certain products, which have become too expensive, do them yourself! He thus gives the three-ingredient recipe for the chocolate dessert cream: “We boil the milk then we will make what is called a roux, it is a mixture of butter and flour. It’s like a bechamel in which we will add sugar and chocolate. We bring it to a boil, let it cool and we have our homemade Danette”.

Another imperative if you want to save while eating gourmet and balanced: cook your leftovers! Chef Bergaud shares, in this sense, his recipe for “antigaspi” tzatziki with leftover yogurt: just add a little cucumber and mint! Saving money while indulging has never been easier.