Who hasn’t opened a bag of crisps to realize it’s half empty? The content becomes disappointing in a single instant… However, the manufacturers of this popular foodstuff for aperitifs are forced to stick to this habit. It is that in reality, indicates Femme Actuelle, “the unoccupied space of the packet of crisps is filled with nitrogen”.

The reasons why there is so much emptiness? The first, to help prevent the item from being damaged too much, because the air inside works like a “cushion” absorbing shocks. The second, more important, is that in contact with the outside, the chips risk oxidizing… and becoming soft.

In addition, peppers, carrots or even bananas… Must be sold without plastic packaging in supermarkets, as part of the 2020 anti-waste law, says Capital. However, many packaging persists in our fruit and vegetable departments… Moreover, these are not the only items whose packaging is irrelevant.

Between unnecessary and misleading packaging, here are 7 items whose packaging is often excessive and therefore gives the illusion of a much larger quantity. Planet has listed them in the slideshow below, based on data collected on a study by the CLCV (Consumption Housing Living Environment) transcribed by Capital, Ouest-France and FoodWatch.

Also, be careful, some brands now only sell eggs by the dozen… Containing ten eggs in the packets, says Ouest-France. It is therefore better to check before buying…