Prices go up, purchasing power goes down. This situation has persisted for several weeks now and it weighs more and more heavily on household bank accounts. Shopping, refueling or paying energy bills are daily expenses that are increasingly difficult to meet today.

In the area of ​​food, inflation is particularly strong and households sometimes feel obliged to change their habits to be able to last until the end of the month. For example, as revealed by France 2, cut products are now neglected by the French.

Whether it’s charcuterie, cheese or meat, the quality, however, is generally superior. However, it is also the price that is higher. With the decline in purchasing power, we can therefore see that the number of visitors to these departments is down sharply, especially for low-income families.

For some products, consuming cheaper does not necessarily lead to a drop in quality. If the first prices are not always recommended, it happens that the foods offered are similar to those of the big brands.

Indeed, when it comes to minimally processed or mono-ingredient products, the first price will be just as good as a more expensive product. “Top Budget”, “Le Pouce”, “Simple”, “Éco”… These brands are known to everyone and can lead to great savings.

Here are the products affected by inflation that are just as good when they are first priced.