Sunscreen: 7 tips for reusing it, even out of date


The warm sand underfoot, the waves splashing on the skin and the sun lighting up the sky… There’s no doubt about it, it’s summer. The ideal season to relax, enjoy the holidays, with family or friends.

It is the favorite season of the French, according to a survey carried out in 2018 by Statista on a panel of 1055 people over the age of 18. If it rhymes with idleness, travel and holidays, summer also has its share of risks and disadvantages.

Indeed, it is a season particularly conducive to heat waves, droughts and even thunderstorms. These weather hazards can lead to many risks or dangers that must be taken into account.

In this year 2022, the high temperatures and the drought are strong and the consequences on the daily life of the French are numerous: lack of water, direct effects on agriculture and the production of fruits and vegetables…

But a more common risk is also present every summer and haunts the minds of many people: sunburn. Some people never catch it, others are regular victims, but what is certain is that these burns are not without consequences. It is therefore better to remain vigilant and always wear sunscreen when exposed to the sun’s rays.

It is common to keep tubes of sunscreen in a cupboard during off-season periods. However, it is good to know that this product does not retain its effectiveness forever. After a year, its protective properties are much less interesting and it is better to buy one to ensure that you are properly protected from sunburn.

The cream is not good for the trash, however. There are several tips that allow you to reuse them in your daily life, even if they are out of date. Discover them in our slideshow.