Sunrise and Salt together in the fibre-optic expansion


Swiss Open Fiber – the Sunrise and the Salt of the margins of the fibre-optic expansion of cooperation nThe two Telecom companies want to invest in the next few years, CHF 3 billion in a joint fibre-optic network. Also not urban areas should be able to benefit from broadband.3 Kommentare3Überraschende cooperation: Sunrise and Salt build together a fibre-optic network. (Icon image), KEYSTONE/PETRA OROSZ

Surprising cooperation on the Swiss Telecom market: The two companies, Sunrise and Salt together, clamping the Expansion of the fiber-optic network.

they are bitter rivals. However, in the field of fibre-optic expansion, Sunrise and Salt want to work together in the future, and hence a counter-part to the industry leader, Swisscom form.

We have agreed on a strategic partnership to create a leading platform in the area of “Fiber to the home” (FTTH), announced the two companies on Tuesday. FTTH means that the glass fibre is laid up to the house.

the goal is to reach a total investment of up to 3 billion Swiss francs over the next five to seven years, 1.5 million households, says the message.

Celebrity President

According to the information of the Expansion in the areas should be not be sufficiently supplied with broadband. The digitization should be driven so that in the non-urban areas.

For your plans of Sunrise and the Salt reasons, the community company Swiss Open Fiber, what do you want to keep in the future with a capital partner. There had already been discussions with potential partners and banks included. The network construction should then start in the fourth quarter of the current year, as it is called on.

Chairman of the Board of the new company is to be Marc Furrer, the former President of the Swiss Federal communications Commission Comcom.

Open platform

In the message is of an “open for all providers accessible platform” speech. Sunrise and Salt want to be the main tenant of the platform, you stand but all competitors, is emphasized.

Specifically, Swiss Open Fiber wants to work together with Swiss Fibre Net, a joint venture of regional energy suppliers. This will support the new company in the framework of a strategic partnership.

The Initiative will accelerate the dissemination of high-state of the art Broadband services, and “the supply of Switzerland with glass fiber infrastructure in comparison to other European countries to significantly improve”, is Sunrise’s CEO André Krause in the message quote.

Salt-CEO Pascal Grieder speaks of a “unique project”. He encouraged in addition, municipalities and utility companies that deal with the deployment of a FTTH network, “to contact us”. We are open for business.

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