• Alphabet, Google’s parent company is not planning to lose the Web3 race.
  • Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, explained that the Cloud team at Google is currently looking into how new products could be deployed on block-based platforms.
  • Pichai’s comments are less than a month following reports that Google had formed a team to study blockchain and related technologies.

Google, the tech giant, is joining the Web3 narrative with Facebook. Sundar Pichai CEO of Alphabet, said that the company’s cloud team is looking into how new products could be deployed on a cloud platform. Blockchain -based platform.

Sundar Pichai, Alphabet CEO, during the fourth quarter earnings call

Google is interested in everything from the cloud to augmented reality (AR). It hopes that AR will be used in applications such as Maps, YouTube and Google Meet, just like Facebook.

One example: Our Cloud team is looking into how they can help our customers build, transact, store value, and deploy new products on blockchain-based platforms.

Sundar Pichai, Alphabet CEO, during the fourth quarter earnings call


Google’s rumored blockchain plans

Richard Widmann was the head of strategy and digital assets at Google’s Cloud Division. He had been there for the earnings call the week prior. Announced plans Widmann stated that they are looking to hire block chain experts. Google Cloud targets customers who are beginning to adopt blockchain technology in Five target These areas include retail, healthcare and financial services as well as media and entertainment, manufacturing, and healthcare. A few tools are already available for blockchain developers on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Google reported that last month it had reportedly Shivakumar Venkataraman, a blockchain expert, formed a group to work on “blockchain” and other next-generation distributed computing and data storage technology.

Google might be a bit late to the party

According to Ark Invest compiled the data An investment management company, Web3 and Metaverse are worth $1 trillion, which explains the pivot of the biggest tech companies.

Jack Dorsey’s Square, and Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook were rebranded as Block and Meta. Amazon’s Managed Blockchain service was launched in 2018 by Jack Dorsey. Microsoft also introduced the Azure Blockchain Service in 2019, but it was another story. It had to close it down in 2021.

It is important to note that Web3 and backing blockchain technology are very different things. Dorsey claims to be a Bitcoin maximalist, but when it comes Web3, he has strong opinions about whether such a construct is possible given the agenda of venture capitalists.