Summit in the floating – Putin open to Trumps G7-VorstossDer US President, the G7 wants to expand to Russia, Australia, South Korea and India. Moscow is interested in, but it is also unsettled whether the proposal from comment Eder this year’s summit of seven major industrial Nations depends, according to a new u-turn from Donald Trump very much in the balance.Photo: Tasos Katopodis/

Russia is shown in accordance with the proposal of the US President, Donald Trump for an extension of the G7 open for a dialogue. The office of the President spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday in Moscow, one must know more details before they could respond to the proposal, to the summit of the seven leading industrial countries, to invite also Russia, Australia, South Korea and India. It was not clear whether it was a formal proposal, said Peskov. Russia intends to first learn more about what is on the agenda and how the Format should look like. But Russian President Vladimir Putin in favour of a conversation on this topic.

Trump had declared on Saturday that he would postpone the June Washington summit planned for September or later, and on the occasion the guest list to the heads of state and government of the four countries to expand. The composition was completely out of date, Trump said on the return flight from Cape Canaveral in Florida to Washington journalists. He did not have the impression that the G7 represent well what is going on in the world.

the theme of the summit is to be a spokesperson for the US President to China. Currently, the tensions between the United States and the people’s Republic to take back. Trump accuses China of obfuscation at the outbreak of the Coronavirus. In addition, Trump initiated the end of economic privileges for Hong Kong in the way, because China is pushing a controversial security law ahead. With this, the leadership in Beijing would strengthen, according to critics, their access to the special management zone.

Germany, besides the US, Canada, Japan, the UK, France and Italy for the G7, responded behavior Trumps push for the expansion of the group. “We will wait for further information by the USA, are host,” said a government spokesman in Berlin on Sunday. Australia welcomed the proposal. South Korea wants to consult with the United States.

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