those Who book early on his summer holiday and the prices of different providers compare, you can save a few hundred euros. The analysis of the comparison portal Check24, in the prices for package tours in the summer vacation 2019 for 260 Hotels in 14 popular holiday destinations were compared.

vacationers can save, therefore, in the lead up to 56 percent. For a week in the Apartment at the Portuguese Algarve coast, including flights and transfers for a family of three pays, for example, the cheapest travel providers 1011 Euro. The identical travel costs in the most expensive provider with 2297 euros, more than twice as much.

The average of all considered Hotels saves you by the provider comparison, 610 euros, or 25 percent of the travel costs – for the same Hotel, identical room category, and and meals, as well as the same period of travel and place of departure. The highest absolute Savings, with nearly 3700 Euro at an All-Inclusive Trip to the Maldives.

Tunisia was the targets of particularly favorable under the considered a vacation, visiting families in the summer holidays, 2019. An average of 23 Hotels with at least 3.5 stars and good reviews, a one-week stay including flights and transfers costs € 988. Here, travelers could save by comparing up to 53 percent.

Comparatively inexpensive 2019 in addition, Bulgaria and the two classical package tour countries, Turkey and Egypt, the customer relationship, according to Check24 also because of its very good price-performance-book ratio is significantly better.