Tick, tock, tick, tock.. There are only a few days left to wait before the start of the summer sales! If they will take place from Wednesday June 28 to Tuesday July 25 in the vast majority of French territory, for certain departments the dates are different. So when are the 2023 summer sales coming to you? We draw up for you, in our slideshow below, the departments that will experience different summer sales dates.

The first sales were created by a certain Simon Mannoury, founder of the first department store, the “Petit Saint-Thomas”, currently the “Bon Marché”, in the 19th century. The first edition took place in Paris with the aim of selling off all the unsold items from the previous season by introducing a system of discounted prices.

However, even if it is his idea, it is not Simon Mannoury who will make the sales popular, but Aristide Boucicaut. This concept, known and practiced throughout the world, has now become a tradition that not only delights sellers, by allowing them to sell their stock, but also consumers, by allowing them to save money on their purchases.

While the 2023 winter sales saw slightly lower figures than those of 2022, the French seem more determined to shop for the summer sales. But when will these take place?

Eagerly awaited every winter and every summer, the sales will take place from Wednesday June 28 to Tuesday July 25 in France. However, some departments deviate from these dates. This is why we have compiled for you the list of departments which will have different dates for their summer sales in our slideshow below.