Summer vacation is fast approaching! This 2022 summer season, eagerly awaited by the tourist world, has already begun. Sector professionals hope that the months of July and August will be synonymous with a return to normal, after two years particularly impacted by the health crisis.

To attract visitors en masse, the metropolis can count on its 5,500 km of coastline, “including 1,948 km of beaches on 4 seafronts”, specifies the website of the Ministry of the Economy. This year, establishments on the coast should be full throughout the summer. According to forecasts, they should attract 50% of French holidaymakers, as indicated by La Tribune.

If you want to enjoy your summer beach vacation in peace, it is better to avoid certain seaside resorts that are very popular with the French.

In the slideshow below, find the 20 most popular beaches with the French, as reported by the travel magazine Explore by Expedia.

Like many French people, are you looking forward to the moment when you can sunbathe by the water? Before even laying your towel in the sun, do you really know your rights at the beach?

If you like to collect shells between the time you bathe and the time you sunbathe, know that you expose yourself to a fine. Here’s what not to pick up on the beach:

If you can in theory have a barbecue on the beach (except municipal decree), party or even sleep under the stars, you cannot do it with your pet. Dogs are often prohibited at the water’s edge.

For your safety, also remember to respect the color of the flags. If you venture into the water during a red flag (no swimming), you are putting your life and that of the rescuers at risk. In addition, you risk receiving a fine of 38 euros.