Summer Game Fest 2024 – Starfield Expansion: Shattered Space Takes a Dark Turn with House Va’ruun

In a surprising turn of events, Bethesda has unveiled the major expansion “Shattered Space” for Starfield during the Xbox Games Showcase. This new expansion focuses on the enigmatic House Va’ruun and its dark beliefs, taking players on a journey to the brink of madness with a much darker tone than usual.

Starfield: Shattered Space remains shrouded in mystery when it comes to its storyline, which adds to the intrigue. Players will encounter new horrors more reminiscent of H.R. Giger than the typical space pirates. It all begins when a mysterious drifting space station sends out a distress signal. Once inside its corridors, there is no salvation – only floating corpses remain. Players will have to delve deep into the secret realms of Va’ruun, governed by the “will of the Great Serpent,” where any heresy is met with death. It will take quick thinking and sharp skills to survive in this treacherous environment.

Bethesda has also announced additional content, including a shorter DLC focused on the Trackers Guild and its bounty hunters. New weapons, bounties to collect, and new locations to explore are all part of the package. Pixel artisans will also have access to the official Starfield Creation Kit to create their own content to share with others through the Creations menu. All of this content is available starting tonight. Starfield: Shattered Space is set to launch in the fall of 2024.

If you found this news intriguing, there’s more to discover at the Summer Game Fest 2024, such as the conference schedules, showcases, and livestreams. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements in the world of gaming.