At New Year or on your birthday, are you a fan of wishes? Closing your eyes for a few moments, you think very hard about what you would like to have in the next few months, but your wishes never come true? You don’t need to have a genie with his lamp to get love, fame or money, because you just need to know the right rituals. We’re not talking witchcraft here, but beliefs in a nudge of fate, if asked nicely. If you believe in the signs that the universe sends you, why not provoke them by speaking directly to it?

According to an Ipsos study published last January, many French people have good resolutions for the coming year. For 38% of them, it is a question of “paying more attention to [their] expenses”, in order to have a little more money in their pocket. What if, instead of saving, you instead attracted money to you? Rituals to attract abundance have existed in all cultures, for thousands of years and still today. Healers, mediums, energeticians… Many focus on some form of spirituality in order to meet this very modern need of material wealth.

There are different types of rites to attract money and fortune to oneself. Some are quite complex, because they can only be done at a specific time of the month, while others are very simple and will not change your daily life. Are you ready to try? So put aside your Cartesian impulses and let yourself be tempted by a little supernatural and magic. If these rituals don’t work for you, they won’t hurt you anyway. Sugar, incense, egg, shoe… Discover, in the slideshow below, six unexpected, sometimes eccentric ways to attract money to you.