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A passenger who went berserk on board a Virgin Australia plane caused the plane to turn around. He took off his clothes and started a riot.

A Virgin Australia plane had to turn around to Perth on Monday (May 27) after a passenger exhibited abnormalities during the flight. According to the Australian news site “7News,” the man undressed, pushed over a flight attendant and then ran naked down the aisle. The plane was on its way to Melbourne and turned around after about an hour, according to CBSnews.

The report stated that the unidentified man “suddenly went berserk” after flight VA696 from Perth to Melbourne took off. A passenger told Australian radio station 3AW that the passenger “ran up and down the aisle and punched the cockpit door,” knocking over a member of the flight crew. Two air marshals had to detain the troublemaker until landing and handcuff him.

After the plane landed in Perth, the passenger was met by police and arrested. The Australian Federal Police confirmed to 7News that a man was arrested for allegedly “running naked through the plane mid-flight and pushing a crew member to the ground.” The crew member in question did not suffer any injuries.

Police also said the man was taken to a hospital for examination, where he is currently staying. It remains unclear how and where the passenger removed his clothes during the flight.

The incident caused frustration among the flight’s passengers, as the departure had already been delayed by 90 minutes. While some passengers were able to board a replacement flight to Melbourne, others were left without a connecting flight. The caller claimed in a conversation with “3AW” that some of the passengers were stranded for an extended period of time.

A Virgin Australia spokesperson said, according to 7News: “The safety of our guests and crew is our top priority and we sincerely apologise to the guests affected.”

The case is reminiscent of a flight in January, where a man behaved in a disruptive manner on the plane and was so severely flatulent that the plane even turned around.

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