In 2020, Un si grand soleil, the daily fiction of France 2, fascinated an average of 3,786,000 viewers, reports the site Médiamétrie. Fans who assiduously follow the adventures of the Estrela and Bastide families every day between romances and criminal cases.

If you know who is with whom in the series, is it the same for those who interpret your favorite characters? Planet reveals to you who shares the life of the leading actors of Un si grand soleil.

In April 2021, policeman Alex, played by Benjamin Bourgois, fell in love with the charming bartender, Julie Deville, played on screen by Sophie Staub. A new romance in the daily soap opera of Two which delighted the two actors who turn out to be in a relationship for 13 years! “We love working together. It’s simple, pleasant. But, she passed the tests like everyone else”, explained Benjamin Bourgois in an interview with the magazine Télé Star. Together in the city, they are the happy parents of a 4-year-old boy and a one-year-old girl.

They aren’t the only actors from Un si grand soleil to form a couple in the city. Indeed, by taking the decision to leave the series of France 2, Jérémy Banster not only bids farewell to the faithful of the soap opera, but also to his companion, Marie-Gaëlle Cals, who portrays another fictional character: Cécile Alpland .

“We love working together. We will do it all our lives. To be happy and for our couple to last, it’s a real need for us”, confided Jérémy Banster in the columns of the magazine Gala. However, the two actors only learned at the last moment that they were going to work together, as Marie-Gaëlle Cals admitted in Télé Star: “Jérémy and I discovered at the last moment that we were on the same project. We happen to have the same agent, Joanna Delon. You should ask her if it’s a coincidence or not!”

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