Sarah Snook Set to Star in Peacock Thriller Series ‘All Her Fault’

Australian actress Sarah Snook, known for her role in the hit series “Succession,” is gearing up to lead the new Peacock thriller series titled “All Her Fault.”

The series, based on the novel by Andrea Mara, follows the story of Marissa Irvine, played by Snook, who arrives at 14 Arthur Avenue to pick up her son Milo from a playdate, only to be met with a stranger at the door. This sets off a chain of events that every parent dreads.

Snook, who received critical acclaim for her performance as Shiv Roy in “Succession,” has already earned an Emmy Award for her role. With a stellar career in television and film, including appearances in “Black Mirror” and “Steve Jobs,” Snook is set to captivate audiences once again in this new series.

The adaptation of “All Her Fault” is in the capable hands of Megan Gallagher, who will also serve as an executive producer alongside Snook. The series will be directed by Minkie Spiro, with a team of experienced producers backing the project.

Fans of Sarah Snook and suspenseful dramas are eagerly anticipating the premiere of “All Her Fault” on Peacock, as the talented actress takes on another compelling role in this highly anticipated series.