imagine that you are a man. Maybe you are even really one. Okay, so whether fake or not – you want to buy women’s clothes. There are a number of reasons. You could, for example, a real heterosexual Crossdresser. Or perhaps you want to not only give her new friend something to Wear, but have no idea, no time, no taste and a deep Aversion to shopping. Welcome, members of the majority. In the case of a large German listed on the stock exchange the Internet shop you will be helped.

you open the page and answer a few questions. It is not easy. “What don’t You like?”, is clever asked, because it is easier to exclude than to narrow. Floral Pattern, Leather Look Strip? Way. We Bought A Collar, Hoodies, Sequins? Way. Denim Skirt, 7/8 Leg Length, Blazer? Also way. Managed to the next Level: What Looks bad? Classic, sporty, playful? No, I don’t want to. Then enter your E-Mail address and a password in the mask. And then it comes: Now that you are in fact out – “Gender Mismatch”. The algorithm does not inform you: “your gender matches your selection.” Hello? Internet provider! You have to fight through this all Multiple Choice, as if it were your exam in medicine, and then the not want to your credit card, because you have the wrong gender for floral dresses? How discriminatory is that?!