The match delegate has, on its own initiative, decided to take the Limburg derby between STVV and KRC Genk in the final to stop. This is evident from the statements of the security and the police chiefs of the match on Thursday to have taken to the arbitration committee in an Appeal by the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association). For STVV and Genk, is a violation of the bondsreglement, so the only decision to make the game to replay.

the Following is the opinion of the bondsprocureur William Wagner, its attorneys, STVV and a first division soccer team KRC Genk and had asked the president of the commission, at the plenary session of the 18th of October to the suspension. Genk had argued that the referee, Lawrence, fishers and the match delegate Jean-François Crucke, not the rules were followed in the Limburg derby, on the 28th of september finally came to a halt.

Photos: Boumediene Belbachir

There would be no consultation with the security manager of STVV, according to the lawyer, Jochem Martens. The champion claim, in which the intermediate sanctions therefore do not apply. In order to verify it, the Dispute is to Appeal to Eddy the Christis, the security manager of STVV, and Steve Provost, and the school police officer, to hear from you. They are in line with the Genk hypothesis: the match delegate Crucke I made the decision to take the party to stop on their own. “And so, it is just a replay of the game as possible”, concluded the master in Developing that support was given to STVV. The Canaries had originally called for a forfaitzege.

the Two teams to risk it in a match behind closed doors, with a deduction of two points, and the maximum fine of 5,000 euros. In addition, ask bondsprocureur William Wagner to play for STVV-Genk, people can start to play from the first minute.

to STVV: “don’t get contacted, but it was spider-man, also called off,”

According to the Eddy Christis, security manager of STVV, the referee or the match delegate at the ‘ Limburgse derby is not in contact with him and recorded it before the party and blow it up. “But when I made the decision it had to take, I would also be called off.”

According to the KRC Genk, it was the correct procedure at the time of final closing time. For example, the security manager of the host team (STVV), and the local police were not consulted. The bondsreglement is required, however. “There has been no contact with me, search”, which confirmed the Eddy Christis at the hearing. “The referee has just spoken to the match delegates Crucke and the Thals, and the hoofdsteward of STVV. There has been no consultation, not even with the police.”

Before the game, there is always a veiligheidsvergadering with the security manager of both clubs, the police and the match delegate. “Everything went as expected. But in the third stage, i.e. the final closure, there will be no clear agreements have been made. There is no protocol for this. For example, there is no agreed-upon, that I have the responsibility to wear. But it’s supposed to be. However, I noticed on the Standard, that is, the match delegate is the decision about the final shutdown will take,” according to Christis. “But if I was a referee have been, had I blown off.”

the Match delegate Jean-François Crucke in the first session, said that he will make the decision to have the stadium shut down, starting from the contact with the police. In writing and added that he would be there at a later time to ensure that the Crucke with Christis had said, but it was a new hearing is denied. KRC Genk have brought in photographs for the claim of Christis to confirm.

Photos: Boumediene Belbachir < / P> (Genk): “We have been told lies by the match delegate, demonstrated”

According to the advocate Group in Developing that first division soccer team KRC Genk-represented in the disciplinary proceedings, the arbitration commission shall only adopt decisions that, in the match against STVV again to play. “The rules were not followed and, therefore, there can be no sanction shall be imposed.”

At the request of the master, She the safety, security, and police chiefs on that 28 september be asked to come and testify. They confirm the suspicion of the KRC-Genk: match delegate Crucke has decided, without consultation, to the Limburg derby at Stayen, definitively, to blow it up.

“We’ve proven that, with the match delegate, has lied. We also heard that there will be no contact has been recorded by the school police officer and security manager. He was very well aware of what needs to be done. In a panic, he will be the ref, but saying that the game is shut down it should be. Later, he tries to for your office are telling lies to protect. That’s where the debate is on: the rules are not followed, so there can be no sanction is to be imposed on them. And then the writing of the Laws of the Game of FIFA, for the match herspeeld to be.”

In the first instance be asked to STVV for a forfaitnederlaag from Genk, but the Canaries were to the gun on Thursday on the shoulder. “We have to close our hoofdorde to first division soccer team KRC Genk. Step 3 is not applied, and thus, the associated penalties will not be imposed”, says the master, Kristof De Saedeleer, who added that there was a discrepancy in the prosecution was as well. “STVV will not be held responsible for the Genk fans around the world. Even though it was a stage 3 is applied to STVV not be held liable for be held liable. The Standard and Charleroi are coming to phase 2, and they are liable to 4,000 euros. STVV is coming up to stage 2 and there is a risk of heavier penalties. We do, however, is not an extra-disciplinary decisions to take action are encouraged to be made”, argued the lawyer, that refers to the r-rated, civil exclusions, as a result of STVV / Genk.

Bondsparket hold on to claim:

in Spite of the representations of health and senior police officials, the Bondsparket his initial cause of action against both clubs. “For such a behaviour of the form voetbalhaters, there is no place in our society. A clear statement is urgently needed on the proposed bondsprocureur William Wagner.

Wagner has denounced the debate off on a tangent, was up to no good. “It’s bondsreglement write clearly, for that there was a match behind closed doors would have to be imposed on clubs where the game is being shut down. It is mandatory, not optional, ” sanction”, said Wagner. “Even with the security manager of the STVV is claiming that the situation was out of control and took the match will be stopped and had to be. The Dispute Appeal must give a signal that there is voetbalhaters lack of public support. Just a slap on the hand is not enough.”

That there may be a rush to a decision taken by the match delegate, will Wagner, is also not a problem. “The area needs just a little faster than this for the commission. The referee can’t just say, ” are Hooligans, do you guys want to pause for a moment, because we need to discuss’. If it doesn’t work. If the match delegate and the police, the security, is in danger, it is sufficient to say that. It is important that a clear message is given to you.”

Also, chief of police, Steve Provost, who is the responsible person of the police, and pointed to the huge social costs. “This match is costing the company eur 80,000. This is shocking to many. As for the match herspeeld it should be, we have that cost (again, without having the security,” said Provost, who welcomed and got bondsprocureur Her.

the Ruling as recently as november,

The disputes committee will, before the end of the month of november to” make a statement. This was president of the commission, Some of them Detollenaere know, after hearing all the parties and the witnesses.

The three incumbent members of the complaints board of Appeal to take the matter into consideration. “This is an important case that will have a high precedent value, it will come,” said chairman of the Detollenaere. “We try to be as still pretty fast, but it is especially justified to make a decision. The decision is expected before the end of the month.”

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