Study doubts success: braces, the status icon wire


    A youth room in a high-rise building, and before the birthday party goes on an autumn day in the eighties to 21 clock to an end, played spin the bottle. A stack of super hero comics next to the bed, and a Commodore C64 on the Desk, there is Cola and no alcohol. The guests sit in a circle on the carpeted floor, are, after all, only 13. The empty bottle shows on one of the schüchterneren guys from the class, and this time it is not to beg at the neighbors on a different floor sugar heritage. One kiss, please. And, of all things, the most beautiful girl in the Party. What plays, you turn the bottle? The round of cheers. The chosen ones are red. Suddenly someone, but this could go wrong, because of the braces and calls – what if the two get caught? The shy Boy and the beautiful girl blush even more. In the end, they get away with it without Geküsse. You look relieved.

    Julia Schaaf

    editor in the Department “life,” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

    F. A. Z.

    braces an ambivalent matter. Less bad than pimples or heartache. But if it caught one, you must arrange a long-term – with his disfigured Smile, for example, with pain of the fact that that annoying Visit to the orthodontist, and the annoying Cleaning. At the same time braces also holds the promise of bashful Pride on a outward sign that says: Now it is in the puberty. A fixed clip on girls a fashionable accessory teeth nearly. It glitters more Mature than the sequined unicorn on the children’s T-Shirt, and looks almost like a taste of the subtle Glow on the Model’s cheeks. Candidates with a loose clasp as attribute their rise in the world of something Larger, after all, one of those red or blue plastic cans in bean form.

    as exotic as the Demeter carrots, which my mother bought in the reform of the house

    In these times, because YouTube channels grin, of course, with Brackets in their mobile phone cameras, are braces a matter of course. Allegedly, around one in two young people do not receive orthodontic treatment, precise Numbers there are. The costs are certainly risen continuously since 2005 and currently stand at more than EUR 1.1 billion in the year – self-pay services. In Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg mothers to murmur in secret mode, the addresses of a good orthodontist. High school girls complain only if the parents care to be late to a correction of your tooth position, afraid to be at the age of 17 as the last wire in the mouth. The 18-year-old refugee boy from Syria’s wearing his braces with the same satisfaction as the fresh Undercut: arrived in Germany.

    And what’s the point? A new study commissioned by the Federal Ministry of health comes to the conclusion that the medical Benefits of orthodontic treatments is not proven. The long-term impact is about to Tooth loss, the risk of caries or periodontitis, is too little studied. In the spring, the Federal court of auditors, research deficits had complained. Now, health insurance companies and health policymakers must decide whether the criteria for regulation to the test. Threatens the universally used tooth From braces? This insignia of the Teenietums, in which not only the level of health care in Germany materialized, but seemingly also the right to regular teeth? Now cosmetic corrections are, in fact, no Fund performance. However, the success of the new study shows that only in the correction of deformities to prove – and improve the quality of life.