If two do the Same, is not the same. As recently seen in the case of Mercedes and Opel. The two we are talking about here are to die for, because the designers were allowed to let off steam. But otherwise, at first glance, quite different. And yet they have one important thing in Common.

If you look, therefore, for the first Time on the Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow, you can lose the feeling for the time, even if you are standing with both feet firmly in the Here and Today is the yesterday or tomorrow? Because on the one hand, Gorden Wagener’s recent study is the bold Vision of a super sports car for the next decade and, therefore, the purest Science Fiction. And on the other hand, the more than five-Meter-long flounder, which celebrated its Premiere in the summer at the Concours d’elegance in Pebble Beach and on the way to the evidence room, the Designer made a stop in Dubai has been inserted, a reverent look back at the Golden era of the silver arrows, as the foolhardy men in an almost flying boxes still risk life and limb on public roads, speed records. Finally, let Wagener from no less a car to be inspired as the legendary W125 from 1937, the as the fastest car of its time a place of honor in the Mercedes-Museum.

the Silver Arrow messes with a view the sense of time and catapults you back in the future, almost as if you were watching a old movie Flash Gordon – the roll-call Parallel is in this Association no coincidence. Because even if the Designer of your time must be ahead by at least a generation, will also have felt Gorden Wagener, such as Flash Gordon, under power, as he has to get the green light for the construction of the literally unique Celestial.


The confusion on the timeline but will not look at even bigger, if you rim the futuristic top athletes of tomorrow with its voluptuous flowing of aluminum-dress, and the only semi-faired wheels on the turbine, but is allowed to start. After all, who is only climbed once more over the parapet and under the as in the case of a fighter jet drawn up in the pulpit and through in a lake of blue light in the comfortable leather shell down to dive, which actually feels a bit like being on a Mission to Mars, when the two electric motors begin to whir in the bow and stern, and 750 PS beam the driver with little uproar and even more thrust in the direction of the horizon, during the virtual edition of formula 1 team boss Toto Wolf from the circulation Display of the cockpit ends of shouting tactical instructions to the headphones under the helmet, as he makes it otherwise only in the case of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

And at the same time, you don’t feel with endless Bug eyes and the from the open collar of the body only moderately braked the wind in your hair, at least as foolhardy as Rudolf Caracciola during his record – breaking journey on the A5 between Frankfurt and Darmstadt-even if you reached the then incredible and only in 2017 that have been exceeded will 432.7 km/h, but only better pace. But the feels for the short test-drive in Dubai, such as Supersonic, and if you kick the right Pedal with the big Plus only if they are strong enough, there is probably even the speed of light. At least felt.

The Rest of the imagination up

in Real terms, however, the Mercedes will be pressed for an answer, because that is completely irrelevant and in any case only theoretical value. Just like the alleged 750PS, the 80 kWh of battery capacity or the 400Kilometer range. After all, the Silver Arrow is moving under its own power. This should be enough for the practice, and the Rest must inform the imagination.