“We are here, we are loud, because you are stealing our future” – this call was heard on Friday in Berlin, according to to. While the coal Commission debated about the exit from the fossil fuels, say in front of the Federal Ministry for economic Affairs and then in the Chancellery, thousands of students from all over Germany, the policy your opinion. It is a joyful, peaceful and powerful Demonstration for climate protection. Now had to be traded, “because tomorrow is too late,” says a spokeswoman for the Initiative “Fridays for Future” (free days for the future).

The Alliance and the Green youth, the youth organization of the Greens, have called for the Demonstration. Young people from all over Germany to travel and leave for their classes fail. While the organizers are reports of 10,000 demonstrators, called the police a number of participants in the middle of the four-digit range. Many have self-made posters.

A girl has a green umbrella clamped. On the There is no planet B, “” (There is no planet B). Student Pauline from Cologne, Germany, says: “I’m angry that the Federal government has squandered our future.” The 14-year-old Hannah from a high school from Berlin-Friedrichshain to find the environment more important than school. “There’s nothing to learn for the future.” David from Bielefeld drove the Only one in his class to Berlin. “Coal must be totally abolished,” he decided. Public transport should be free.