In the Tree, and Turnhout, were just the certificates were issued, in the Bar, Herentals and Lier, to follow a path this year as well. The mobile training courses, cleaning services wants to be, VDAB in co-operation with local authorities, businesses and other partners to provide an answer to the lack of cleaning in the whole province of literature.

“Actually, it is one of the largest of the shortage occupations in Flanders has by far one of the most outstanding opportunities. The centre of Antwerp, there are plenty of potential candidates, but for the rest of the province, there is a real shortage,” says Gert-Fontyn, the team leader, the VDAB for the mobile training of cleaning it up.

“that’s Why we get “in your backyard” to search for the potential candidates to give them an education. In most cases, people who are low-skilled, and with a large distance to the labour market. For this group, it is often difficult to make well(er) to move on. That is why it is very important that we get that education, so a local may be organized. The jobs are in addition to, usually around the church. Our instructors are set to do so on mobile,” said the leader of the team.

now, the VDAB applies a range of different formulas. The program can exclusively be done for a particular company. They take care of themselves, the candidates, and a commitment that after the training, a permanent contract may be offered. In the other case, the VDAB itself is in support of the candidates, and then jobdate, with a variety of businesses.

“This year, we are already in the ten courses completed in which 85 students have passed. Ninety per cent of them already have work. Recently there was a programme in a Tree, in co-operation with the local authorities and the Float, with nearly nine out of ten students within one week of a xed-term contract have been signed. This year, three training courses, in the Bar, Herentals and Lier,” explains Fontyn to.

in belgium, was dienstenchequebedrijven Dienstenthuis and Baldemo, a new project will be started. “This co-operation with the VDAB, it is definitely a value-add for us,” said Tim, Judy, of Dienstenthuis. “We want to be the applicants very much like the opportunities to give and to provide, internally, a lot of training and support. But, sometimes, there is a need for more support is needed, and that we may not be able to provide. In this step, it is the ideal choice for us.”

Six of the students are able to work with Dienstenthuis, one of Baldemo. Dahir Diriye O (26) from the city of Turnhout is one of them. She had previously been through the social service department, through art.60’s, to work as a logistics assistant in a hospital, but that the contract was coming to an end. “I am very happy that I am now in the Dienstenthuis can also be a cleaning. I’m looking forward to get home to go to work. It’s not that difficult, but even so, I’m training a lot to be learned, including all of its products and operations. It takes longer than people think,” well, ” she said.