Students are on strike in Berlin: We call for a coal phaseout by 2030 at the latest


In the case of the”Fridays for future” on German pupils, the action of the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, in the shop for months every Friday of the school and in front of the Swedish Parliament is on strike. After numerous protest action last week in Germany want to meet on Friday at twelve o’clock, many young people from all over Germany in Berlin because that’s where the coal Commission meets. The 17-year-old Apprentice Vincent Schlotfeldt is involved in the German branch of the”Fridays for our future,” and has co-organized, among other things, the strike last week in Kiel.

Mr. Schlotfeldt, since the time you first make in the case of the”Fridays for future”?

In Kiel has begun a student from Bad Segeberg in December, the first Time she was alone. In mid-December, has filed for a Demonstration in front of the Landtag in Kiel. I saw on Twitter, because of the FEDERAL youth has shared the action. I’m interested in any longer to the climate, and have posted the call in a group of climate activists. A few hours later, the first Germany, then stood wide Whatsapp groups as well as groups for Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein. In the nationwide group, we were quickly more than 100 people. I’m stuck in the game and I have invested heavily with.

What has been said by their teachers to the strikes?

The two teachers who I have on Fridays to support the action. For the strike in December, and last week they asked me of teaching. One of the two reichtet among us in politics. He says this is a good thing, for which you should bring necessarily – because a well-fortified democracy needs defenseless citizens. This week, it was not, so I’m going to from home as a Live-Ticker support, for me to send people on-site Material.

And your classmates?

in actually less for the theme. But they wondered, because I came to the Demo back in the school to write a math test. I was able to catch up after the strike.

Have you already received Feedback from the policy?

In Kiel, in fact, not yet.

On Friday, it is planned in Berlin, the largest action. Finally, how claims of the”Fridays for future”activists will continue to go there?

In any case, the goal is to limit global warming at 1.5 degrees must be maintained. We therefore call for a coal phaseout by 2030 at the latest. Of course, the people who work in the affected regions should, however, get support and not be left in the lurch. For us, it is important that the coal’s exit is coming, and fast.

there Are still demands in excess of the coal Commission?

The use of public transport must be promoted, currently, erin is overloaded many areas. We are of the opinion that he should be made more attractive, to relieve the cities from car traffic. Also, routes need to be expanded.