The name suggests that bed bugs are found in beds. But an expert is now warning on TikTok about another dangerous place in hotel rooms.

Dr. Jason Singh, a physician who became known through TikTok, warns travelers about one place in the hotel room that, in addition to the mattress, may have a high probability of having bed bugs, the New York Post reports.

“Who of you packs all your clothes from your suitcase into the hotel dresser?” he asked on TikTok, pointing out that this type of furniture, especially those made of wood or with joints and cracks, could pose a risk for bed bug infestation. In addition, they are rarely cleaned.

Instead of using drawers, Singh suggests hanging clothes in closets or simply leaving them in suitcases. In discussions with colleagues in public health and pest control, he has found that “there has been increasing awareness that bed bugs can also thrive in unusual places such as dressers, headboards and even electrical outlets or picture frames in hotel rooms.”

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