Nearly five years after Retirement behind and in front of the camera, the ZDF brings back one of its most popular TV commissioners for a pre-Christmas guest, the game. After fifty cases in twenty years, Stubbe – From case, 2014 “the case” with from Dresden to Hamburg staggered investigator Wilfried Stubbe (Wolfgang Stumph) with a rate of 26.3 per cent market share.

In a special episode, which want to know the maker either as a continuation or rehash understood, it applies to Stubbe once again to solve a murder; according to his girlfriend, Marlene (Heike Trinker) even to himself – in a figurative sense: “Someone has my old Stubbe killed. Can’t you find out who that was!“

The crime technician, familiar to viewers from the last two years of the series as Stubbes partner, with her, he returned the rest back in his home town of Dresden, where she made her career developed apparently significantly more successful than the relationship. Three months ago, you gave the Pensioner the run, because she liked her life with a man to spend, “the running around all day with an apron, where it says ‘Today, dad is cooking'”, but with a, “what wants from life”.

in Order to promote this, she asked Stubbe on a North sea island on which he is to discover his optimism and curiosity, you once loved him. This announcement prompted Stubbe, to pack the suitcase.