Stroll Claims F1 Points Gap to Alonso is a ‘Little Bit Deceiving’

Lance Stroll has expressed his belief that the points gap between himself and Aston Martin Formula 1 team-mate Fernando Alonso may not accurately reflect their performance levels. Despite Alonso’s dominance in the points standings, Stroll points to external circumstances that can influence race outcomes, suggesting that the comparison is not entirely fair.

Alonso, a two-time World Champion, joined Aston Martin last season and outperformed Stroll significantly, securing eight podium finishes and accumulating 206 points. In contrast, Stroll lagged behind by 132 points, a trend that has persisted in the current season with Alonso leading 33 points to Stroll’s 11. Aston Martin’s struggles with the AMR24 car have added to the challenge for both drivers.

While acknowledging Alonso’s reputation as a top driver in Formula 1, Stroll emphasized the importance of considering factors beyond pure points scoring. Despite the points deficit, Stroll highlighted his recent strong performances, including a ninth-place finish at Imola where Alonso faced setbacks.

Looking ahead, Stroll reaffirmed his commitment to Aston Martin’s project, expressing enthusiasm for the team’s growth and future prospects. With his focus on the upcoming race at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Stroll hinted at his intentions to continue with Aston Martin in the 2025 season, citing the exciting trajectory of the team’s development.

As Stroll prepares for his home race in Montreal, his dedication to Aston Martin and optimism for the team’s progress remain steadfast, underscoring his desire to be part of the ongoing journey with the Silverstone-based squad.