Strikes in January: all sectors preparing for them for 2023


A wind of protest in the air. Between galloping inflation and thorny pension reform, it’s time for discontent in France. For the end-of-year celebrations, the “dark” scenario of a large-scale social movement is definitely ruled out. For Christmas as for the New Year, strikes should be moderate.

Only here: the unions are already working on larger mobilizations from the beginning of 2023, to counter, among other things, the pension reform that the government intends to present on January 10. At the microphone of franceinfo, Philippe Martinez, secretary general of the CGT, warns: “There are already notices that are filed for the month of January in the professions where it is compulsory”.

Decline in the legal retirement age, abolition of special schemes, too low wages, shortage of staff… The reasons which push employees to strike are multiple. What are the main sectors that risk being immobilized in 2023? We take stock in our slideshow below.

If the worst-case scenario has been avoided in transport for the end-of-year celebrations, some disruptions will however be expected. Due to a strike by controllers, only two out of three trains will run for the Christmas weekend. “Around 200,000 people should not be able to travel, out of the 800,000 planned on the trains this weekend”, specify our colleagues from South West. The persons concerned are invited to bring forward their departure whenever possible.