Strike at Christmas: the latest announcements from the unions


Faced with concerns about potential transport strikes during the end-of-year holidays, the Minister Delegate for Transport Clément Beaune declared that he was “fairly confident that there will not be any major disruptions”, as reported by our colleagues from franceinfo. These concerns are not unfounded: several notices have already been filed at the initiative of the unions of various airlines and the SNCF.

The railway company expects normal traffic on the TGV East, North and South lines for the weekend of December 17, 2022. The TGV Atlantique, meanwhile, will be the most affected this weekend, and in particular the Paris-Bordeaux link, which will only see two out of three trains leave. The cause of this very localized disruption is the switchmen’s strike.

The train drivers’ strike, meanwhile, is the result of an inter-union initiative, bringing together CGT-Cheminots, Unsa-Ferroviaire, SUD-Rail and CFDT-Cheminots. The collective of controllers covering the Christmas and New Year’s weekends have not yet communicated their intentions. This Thursday, December 15 marks the last day they have to decide.

As far as the air traffic staff unions are concerned, the demands are partly the same. The airline pilots’ union, known as SNPL, intends to work for higher wages and improved working conditions for employees.

Find below the information that has been communicated so far by the unions and companies facing the strikes.